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“German Skin Care Centre offers a width range of treatments for skin problems, combined with excellent dermaceutical crèmes and products. Tailor made crèmes “For Me” for each customer! Treatments are state-of-the- art, f. e. for Anti-Aging, Acne, Wrinkle, Pigmentation, Fat reduction, Stretch marks, Cellulite, permanent hair removal, ….or to take preventive measures so that the skin is still so young, tight and elastic also tomorrow as yesterday.

The treatment methods are very different and varied. Microdermabrasio, IPL, Cavitation, Ultrasonic, Radio frequency, LED light, Highfrequency, Infrared, TENS, Mesotherapy, Lymphatic-Massage, ….. are only some of all possibilities We treat always the problem comprehensively and look according to the causes as well as give the body the chance to help itself.

Before you get any treatments you should have a comprehensive check of your skin. Problems are so different and also treatment methods very different.

Let’s find best solution for you!

Skin Care all over body with state-of-the-art treatments combined with excellent dermaceutical crèmes ( tailor made for each costumer) and products.

Address: Abdulrahman Kanoo Av., Bldg. 63, Flat 225, Manama 332

Area: MahoozZinj,

Timings:Saturday to Monday 9AM - 5PM / Tuesday - Thursday 1PM - 9PM

Phone: 17 722-696



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