Janeen Fertility & Genetics Centre  

Operated by the Kingdom’s most renowned fertility experts, Janeen’s team members have 20-30 years of experience.

They are well-known as passionate and committed medical professionals who work towards providing superior care. For 16 years they have been taking on the most challenging infertility cases, including repeated IVF failures, and turning them into successes. They also provide treatment for men diagnosed with low sperm motility or zero sperm count.

The centre has consistently achieved good clinical pregnancy rates over the years, compared to international fertility centers.

Success Rates

• IVF and ICSI cycles 55-60 per cent
• Blastocyst Transfer 65-68 per cent
• ART thaw cycle 18-25 per cent
• Success Rate for men diagnosed with sperm problems such as low motility, low sperm count and zero sperm count (azoospermia) 45-55 per cent.

Janeen operates under the able supervision of Dr Shaikha Salim Al-Arrayed, MD and PhD, a Consultant Clinical Geneticist, and a renowned consultant who is also member of the American college of Medical Genetics.

Through its innovative methods of treatment, aided by the state-of-the-art diagnostic, medical and surgical equipment, the centre rekindles hope among its patients of a complete cure. The facility also provides truly personalised patient care.

Over many years, Janeen has earned a reputation in curing male patients who are diagnosed with sperm problems such as low motility, low sperm count and zero sperm count. And it enjoys an unprecedented success rate in IVF and ICSI.

“We are delighted to report that we have continued to build on our success in the 16 years since we opened,” said a spokesman, adding that Janeen’s successful pregnancy rate fares favourably with similar facilities both regionally and internationally.

Hope for Would-be Parents

Address: Ibn Al Nafees Hospital

Timings: Sat 8am-4pm/Sun-Wed 8am-12pm/4pm-8pm/Thu 8am-12pm

Area: Ibn Al Nafees Hospital

Phone: 17 828-207 / 38 373-278




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