Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center  

The Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center, the region’s first comprehensive medical center in Bahrain devoted entirely to the management and treatment of pre diabetes, diabetes and its related complications.

GDSC was opened as an affiliate of the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, USA in January 2004. In December, 2008, GDSC started to operate independently as it expanded services from covering diabetes only to encompassing all endocrinology disorders, including thyroid diseases and cancers, osteoporosis, and related disorders.

A leader in serving people with diabetes, we are committed to helping you or your loved one successfully manage diabetes using the latest information, technology and treatment options that are available for diabetes.

GDSC offers various facilities for the investigation and treatment of endocrine problems in adult, adolescent and pregnant mothers, to cardiovascular and kidney diseases and all the complications associated to diabetes.

Our services include a full-fledged Eye Department with an operation theatre for major surgeries, diabetic foot unit including minor surgical procedures, outpatient clinics for diabetes and endocrinology, neurology, cardiology, nutrition, osteoporosis with diagnostic DXA scan and other medical facilities include radiology, pharmacy and laboratory.

Housed in a state-of-the-art building, the center boasts the latest medical and diagnostic technology, GDSC possess the best combination of a dedicated and well-qualified team of healthcare professionals comprising consultant endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, general and diabetic foot surgeon, neurologist, family physicians and diabetologist, dietitian, administrative and support nursing offering a wealth of expertise to help you manage your condition, prevent complications and make healthy lifestyle choices.

Leading the region towards better management of Diabetes, you have come to the right place where we provide the very best diabetes care available anywhere in the world, on your doorstep and at minimal cost.
Because We Care.

Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center,Bahrain’s first outpatient medical facility devoted entirely to the treatment of diabetes & its related complications.

Address: Building 99, Road 29, Block 329

Timings: 8:00am - 9:00pm Saturday to Thursday

Area: Salmaniya

Phone: 17 239-239




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