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The tree of life symbolises an evergreen in the midst of a desert landscape that intrigues visitors to the source of its sustenance. American Mission Hospital (AMH) has this tree as its logo with a founding legacy that goes back more than 100 years and yet continues to fulfil today the mission for which it was established.

Over the last 120 years AMH has witnessed the modern transition of Bahrain to what it is today. AMH has become the Kingdom’s largest non- government healthcare facility with the hospital in Manama, clinics at Saar, Amwaj and Riffa and a new hospital on the way in A’Ali.

Patient-centred, high-quality healthcare at an affordable cost for all is the organisation’s mission.
AMH was the first hospital in the Kingdom to be accredited by an external body, the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, in 2006. Transforming AMH into a modern healthcare organisation without sacrificing its legacy is an important part of the vision of the hospital.

All primary and secondary healthcare needs are served through the main facility in Manama which is a fully-fledged, 24-hour operational hospital. The ambulatory clinics at Amwaj and Riffa are open from 7.30am to 11pm.

Saar provides 24-hour services for primary care with no in-patient facilities. The clinic has both radiology and laboratory, a dedicated children’s unit, an adult urgent-care unit with eight bays, a separate section for women’s health, a physiotherapy unit and a dental centre.

The emphasis across all AMH locations is on preserving health and preventing disease and thereby preventing hospital-based care. AMH feels that the future of healthcare is to serve people’s needs through technology and care at home for the elderly.

The future of medical care is to bring caring and compassion back to where technology and medical science can interphase for the greater good of the health of all. Readily accessible high-quality healthcare that is affordable for all is what AMH strives for through the building of a new hospital at A’Ali where healthcare is designed and delivered futuristically in a not-for-profit setting.

Outstanding patient experience with meticulous attention to patient safety is the cornerstone of all levels of care that is delivered.

Affordable Care For All

Address: Building 133 Road 365 Block 307 Manama Center P.O. Box 1

Timings: 24/7

Area: AmwajManama,Riffa,Sa'ar,

Phone: 17 177-711/17 248-102/17248-101/17 248-100




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