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Aesthetica Dr Reem Alshaiba Dental Center, conveniently located in Seef, has been providing customers with a wide range of top-notch dental services since the last three years. One of the latest, and most sought-after procedures offered is Invisalign, which is an orthodontic treatment used to align the teeth using clear aligners. The transparent aligners are very discreet when worn, so they do not become a matter of hindrance or interruption to everyday life.

Treatment with Invisalign is faster than regular orthodontic procedures, and patients can see their treatment outcome and progress through simulations. It is also more hygienic as the aligners can be removed to clean them and the teeth thoroughly, as opposed to regular wires and brackets, where it’s hard to maintain oral hygiene, no matter how hard one tries.

Being a fully digital centre, all dental impressions for the treatment at Aesthetica are taken using a digital scanner. This technology helps to better plan the treatment, thanks to the oral digital scan being seven times more accurate than a conventional impression. With the help of a precise digital scan, a customised treatment plan will be drawn up for the patient. During the course of the treatment, patients eat their favourite foods, continue with their sporting activities, and keep brushing and flossing as they normally do. The aligners are created with comfort in mind, made of a material engineered specifically for the Invisalign system to ensure a great fit.

Aesthetica is the first Invisalign ‘diamond provider’ in Bahrain, which is the highest rank given by Invisalign, based on the number of cases treated using this method. Dr Reem Alshaiba has successfully completed the EUMM (European Masters of Aligners) intensive course held in France, making her an invisalign expert. This course is considered to be one of the most intense clear aligners courses in the world, and her in-depth knowledge adds value to patients’ treatment experience, as well as makes for a better treatment outcome. Dr Reem holds a master’s degree in restorative and cosmetic dentistry from the University of Manchester. Clients can rest assured that they get the best treatments from skilled staff at Aesthetica.

Aesthetica welcomes patients for a free, no-obligation Invisalign consultation to know if it is the right treatment for them. Check out ‘before and after’ images on the website www.aesthetica-bh.com.

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Address: Office 115, Bahrain Business Bay

Area: Seef

Timings: Sat-Wed 9am-8pm/Thu 9am-5pm

Phone: 17 291-110



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